Sri Lanka is the Unique Source of Crystalline Vein Natural Graphite Over 99% Highpurity Carbon
Diamond Drilling Programme at Kahatagaha Graphite Mine 1132 ft. Level at Under Ground
Industrial Mineral Magazine (IM) Market Analyst Ms.Shruti Salwan Visit Kahatagaha Mines.
Sri Lanka is the Unique Source of Natural Crystalline Vein Graphite Over 99% High purity Carbon


Kahatagaha Mines are located in North Western Province of Sri  Lanka at Maduragoda,  Dodangaslanda in  the Kurunegala  District, approximately 90 km.from the capital of Colombo,   and    managed  by  Kahatagaha  Graphite  L anka Limited. (KGLL)  It is a fully  government owned public limited liability  Company, under the Company Act No. 07 of 2007 purviewed by the Ministry of Industrial Development and the major share holder is Secretary to the Treasury.

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